Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Week in Review

A day late, but it's here!

Last week was not a total home run on the fitness front.

It was a week to sleep in, aka no hot yoga, and some crazy week nights...my week was. Bit askew. I survived my "long" run for the week though, and I'm trying to be better this week.

Training Schedule (10.27.14 - 11.2.14)

10.27.14 // skipped 5:30 hot yoga. It was chilly and I wanted to 'sleep in'.  Rest day.

10.28.14 // should've been a 30 minute run on the treadmill night for my Disney training.  However,  I have taken up a project for my niece for Christmas that may be a bit more involved than expected. Haha. I am knitting her a baby blanket (she was born in July) and the pattern that I started was giving me issues when I started I to we the weekend.  I bought everything at a lovely yarn shop by my home, and they have evening hours Tuesday night, so I wanted to stop by after work because they're super helpful. Wellllllll, I ended up staying for just over 1.5 hours (!) and didn't get home until after 8pm.  My husband was away in business, so I had to take care of Toby and eat and all that so I decided to run Wednesday  night and call it a day.

10.29.14 //  skipped 5:30am hot yoga BUT attended 45 minutes of yoga during my lunch break. I have actually never done regular yoga, and it was quite nice since a) it was during work/provided by work b) it was free!  It's really nice that my school supports giving students staff and faculty healthy options during the day...this also included free 15 minute massages!  Yoga is offered every Wednesday and massages are offered every other Wednesday. I hope to get a massage too, but the mid day yoga was quite nice and put me (and my co-worker who also attended) in a very zen state for the rest of the day. We actually did quite a few moves for hot yoga so I felt quite comfortable. Did my 39 minutes to make up for Tuesday night when I got home from work...ran 2.24 miles on the treadmill. 

10.30.14 //  didn't get my 30 minutes in this night. I can't for the life of me remember why haha but it didn't happen. Rest day.

10.31.14 // Halloween!  Rest day. Didn't hand out candy or go to any party...just a night in with my hubs and pup.

11.1.14 // long run day. Was suppose to run 3 miles, but I wanted to make up for Thursday, so set my sites on 4 miles.  Had another <10 minute first mile, which was quite exciting. The rest went ok, I was hoping to finish in 45 minutes, but went over that a little.  I probably could've pushed harder, but I did my best give the wind and chillier conditions. I definitely prefer running in the sun.  

11.2.14 // I didn't get Toby out for his mile jaunt, or get to hot yoga like I was hoping to, but I did clean the heck out of our place and worked up quite a sweat...so it was a pseudo work out, but I also spent the afternoon watching football with the hubs and continuing work knitting on my baby blanket. 

This weekend, my long run is 9.5 miles...hoping it goes better than my 8 miles two weeks ago...and hoping I can deal better with the cooler conditions. 

How do you deal with the fall weather and outdoor running?

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