Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Froyo 5k

On Sunday, June 21st, I took part in a new running series, the FroYo 5K!  What's not to love about the thought of some froyo after a 5k, so this was kind of a no brainer.  As I said before, my husband was out of town for work, so I had to make the decision if I wanted to run this alone or not...ultimately I decided to go for it.

Another reason I wanted to run was because it was Father Day, and I wanted to honor my Dad.  It's hard to believe it's almost been a year since he passed away unexpectedly, and I given our love for sweets, I thought this would be a nice way to run for him.

The race started at 9am.  This race doesn't do a pre-packet pick up, it's all handled the morning of.  They recommended being there at least an hour early, so I did as I was told.  There weren't a ton of people there, but enough, and I had no problem checking in, and getting my bib and gear - you were given a drawstring bag, that contained sunglasses, a baseball cap, your bib, and a few coupons.  After taking a walk around the handful of booths (including picking up a cute tank!) I decided to take my stuff back to my car before getting settled into the start of the race.
My FroYo loot!  Obvi had to wear my new shades!
A pre race step & repeat photo in my new shnazzy race outfit!
Waiting to go in my self seeded corral
A fun pre race pic!
After a little bit of waiting (while there was some disorganization throughout, I think they did an overall great job) we were finally off and running!  Having looked at the race course prior, I knew there was quite a hill in mile 1.  Yikes.  Luckily the weather was quite perfect, it was warm, but overcast, so the sun wasn't shinning upon us in it's full glory, so I decided to just try and take it easy.  Within the first minute or so, and before we really started our hike up the hill, I realized there were 2 girls in front of me running at a nice pace.  I don't know why, but I decided these girls were going to be my pacers, and I was going to stick with them as best I could for the rest of the race.

I'm glad I had this in my head before the incline because let me tell you - I wanted to stop and walk...but I kept at it and trudged up that hill.  The top of the hill/mile 1 was a turn around and also a water stop, so as we were still making our way up, those speedsters were already coming back down!  It gave me some additional fire though, and before I knew it we were at the turn around and heading back down ourselves!  Any normal training run for me, means run mile 1 and then run/walk everything else. haha  However, given my miracle pacers and the beauty of running down a huge hill, I kept going.  Any time I felt like I should maybe take a break, I told myself to keep going, so I did! 

Soon enough we were approaching mile 2!  Holy cow, I couldn't believe it.  I was still running.  I know this sounds so silly, but it was huge for me and my lungs!  I kept it going about 2 tenths into mile 2, when there was another water stop and I decided to take a longer walk break with my water.  I continued to keep my eyes on my pacers, and while they didn't slow down, I knew I could get back to them.  After my short walk break, I was back at it.  I could still see my unknowing pacers and quickened my pace to gain back some ground.  At this point I was dead set on running a sub 35 minute 5k, which I knew would be a PR for me.  It was so in my grasp, and I just kept going.  I did take another walk break or 2, but was able to catch back up to my pacers right before the finish line.

I actually was able to pick it up enough to pass these 2 awesome girls who had no idea how much they had helped me - I actually thanked them as I ran by and across the glorious finish line.  Like a flash, I had crossed the finish and was awarded my fancy new medal.

I was pretty sure at this point I had unofficially PRed per my Garmin, but I decided to bask in my glory and head on over for my froyo!

I decided on coconut and gummy bears for toppings. =)
The unofficial/official PR!
While enjoying my FroYo in the grass, and for them to post times, they had some fun and games going on on stage.  They had a 'no hands' fro yo contest, as well as an Instagram # contest (which I sadly didn't win) and also a gummy bear toss.

More fro yo without hands!
Overall, I had a GREAT time.  It was a fun way to spend my Sunday morning, I got a fab new PR, and I now know I can conquer a race all by myself! 

A post race walk with Toby and my new bling.

Perhaps the BEST part was a few days after the race, they sent out an email regarding free official race photos - check out this winner! haha  See those 2 lovely ladies behind me...my pacers!  Clearly I am floating on air right before I crossed the finish knowing what I was about to accomplish, it felt great!

As this race grows, I would definitely recommend it if it comes to your part of the country - nothing says fun like a 5k and froyo! =D

Monday, June 29, 2015

Dumbo Double Dare Training - Week 7 & 8

I guess this is where we say goodbye June...holy cow that was a quick month!

So I didn't get last week's training recap posted, so here's a lil double up of the last 2 weeks.  

DDD Training Week 7

This week of training called for an 8 mile long run.  Work was quite lovely and gave everyone a Friday off in June, so I decided to use my day off to get in my long run.  It got me up and moving on a day when I probably would've lounged around all day, so it was a win win!

It wasn't the best run ever, but I stuck with it and got it done with a pace of 13:46.  While the heat here isn't as terrible as it will be in Disneyland (hello humidity!) my runs have definitely been turned up with the sunshine and heat.

On Sunday, I decided to run the FroYo5k.  The hubs was back East at a work conference, so I attended this event solo - a first for me.  I was a little nervous attending an event alone, but knew that the taste of sweet froyo at the end would help me along.

I'll do a lil race recap this week, but I had a lot of fun!  I ended up with a pace of 11:03 (!!!) and ended up getting a new 5k PR with 34:38.  I was beyond ecstatic - I actually ran the first two miles with out walking, a CO first!  The weather was perfect and I'm super glad I decided to sign up and check it out alone.
Woo for a cute new medal!

DDD Training Week 8 

Guess what guys...I got back to hot yoga this week! =D  I only made it once, on Monday evening, but it was great.  If I'm being completely honest, I was sore ALL week from an hour class.  Those little muscles that you forget you have, yeah I used them all and then some. haha  I've never been sore for this long after class, but it was a good sore, so it was welcomed.

The long run this week was 7 miles.  I took this task on Saturday morning.  Yet again, it was quite warm and sunny during my run.  I decided to take it back to my ~1 mile loop that I ran a lot last fall when training for the WDW Half.  While a little boring, given the loop, there isn't much in elevation change, which is nice.  

I really tried to watch my pace and not jump the gun out the gate as I usually do.  This kinda worked, but is also a little harder to do, so I definitely plan to keep working on it each week.  If there was one thing the FroYo5k taught me, it was that pace is SO important.

This week, double duty starts!  Dopey Training officially begins on Tuesday (yikes!) and that means Marathon training is about to start with the hubby!  I'm super stoked to being this next running journey...and I know January is going to be here before I know it! =)

Are you currently training for something?  Are you sticking with the plan?

Friday, June 26, 2015

Furry Friday

Thank goodness this week is almost over. Work has been a doozy this week...so ready for the weekend!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

These dang Colorado clouds and weather. Yet another storm that literally went around us. Haha.  Enjoy a Toby walk with thunder rumbles in the background. ;)

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Dumbo Double Dare Training - Week 6

A day late but here nonetheless!  Life has been up and down with it's crazy moments - especially at work.  I had this post almost totally typed up yesterday and then lost it (that's what I get for trying to work on my phone, as it apparently doesn't auto save...) but I'm trucking on through!

Last week I got in 2 of my 3 runs for DDD Training, and did not make it to any hot yoga classes.  Small improvements people!  haha

I did a 2 mile run on Tuesday (the run before I made Toby's cake!) and it actually went really well.  I got to rock my Rock 'n Roll tank that I had just received in the mail, as I par took in their Vegas Virtual 5k a few months back.  So, I was feeling schanzzy in my new gear, and got (another!) fast mile on my Garmin, with my first mile clocking in at 9:27.  Considering I got my Garmin for my birthday back at the end of April, it's been fun to see my 'fastest mile' goal decreasing and seeing the other variety of goals it now tracks for me...since MapMyRun didn't do any of that for me previously.

Woo for a new goal!  Now to be able to maintain it...

On Saturday, the hubs decided he too would run my DDD Training 4 miles with me.  Considering our Dopey training will be beginning in a few weeks (eeek!) he's got to get back at it too.  We drove over to our local park to run our trail route and started off together, but ultimately he got off ahead of me and I never really caught up - though I did always try to keep him in my eyesight. ;)

We had a discussion afterwards about how we have the need to walk not because our legs are tired, but because of our lungs.  While there PLENTY of people who run here and get over this, it's something that has been a constant struggle (maybe due to my childhood asthma...?) and I had using it as a crutch every time I run.  It's just so annoying.  Given I know I can run consistently (ie I ran like 4 mile straight at the start of the WDW Half in January) at sea level, it just sucks.  I'm hoping to work through this, and know I need to have better breathing while running regardless of the way the altitude zaps it out of me.  Even with my walking breaks, my heart rate does stay elevated for the whole time, so at least the rest of my body is functioning appropriately.  If only I could breathe!

I had some fun on my last mile back and took some snaps of the trail.  I was also counting down from 26.2 miles to start getting mentally prepared for THAT countdown. haha  Just gotta take it one mile at a time!

Beautiful day for a run!

Run selfie!

Love a good trail run, and yay for shaded parts!
An exciting part of this run was I was breaking in my new Mizuno Wave Inspire 11s!  My Mizuno Wave Inspire 10s have been giving me heel issues for the last few weeks, and I knew it was definitely time to upgrade.  I did stop by my local running store to be evaluated again, just to see if anything changed with my feet over the last year when I was first evaluated.  I highly recommend doing this at your own local running store, as your sneaks are such a key to your run and your running health!  While I did try on a few other brands, nothing beats the cushiness of my Mizunos, so I'm sticking with them (though they did have be go up another 1/2 size).  I felt great after my 4 miles AND no heel pain, yay!

New sneaks! <3
I also found a discounted pair of my Mizuno 10s online that I ordered so I can better rotate my shoes, which I didn't do in my first year as a runner, as I know I should really do that come Dopey in January.  You know you're a runner when...you get excited over sneakers! lol

After the run we did take Toby on a 1 mile walk - he was fairly cooperative on it, as he's been getting more and more moody about walking lately.  I don't know if it's his "old" age or the heat...but man he will just put the breaks on sometimes and want to go home, where as he use to always love going out on long jaunts!

I just wanted to also note we saw Jurassic World Saturday night (it was a full fledge date night! Dinner and  movie...and Dairy Queen for the Jurassic Smash blizzard!) and I highly recommend it!  The other weekend we watched the first 3 Jurassic movies on TV, which was a good refresher.  It's a great throw back to the original, and I love Chris Pratt. They left it wide open for a sequel, which is clearly happening given it's record breaking numbers...so if you haven't seen it and loved the original, check it out! 

We spotted John Hammond from the original JP movie at DQ - he had the full outfit! lol
Sunday we went back over to the park with Toby, as the hubs was going to run and I was going to treat Toby to a walk on the trail.  Let's just say...he wasn't having it. haha  We got going for a good maybe minute? on the trail and then he put on the breaks and wanted to walk back to the start, which is more of a park like area.  We spent time hanging out in the shade people/dog watching and started to move a little bit by the time the hubs was back from his 3 mile run...pathetic!  haha  Oh well - I spent most of the time on the phone with one of my BFFs who I'm running with in Disneyland, so it was nice to catch up and just hang in the nice weather, even if Toby was being stubborn. ;)  

Looking forward to another lovely Colorado week here and building up my mileage for the Half...I am so excited for it and the 60th celebration!

How do you track your running shoes?  I'm thinking of getting a running journal to help track and train for Dopey.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Furry Friday

So as I posted earlier this week, my lil Toby turned 8!

Happy Pup on my wedding day. =)
Given his endless supply of toys, I decided to bake him a cake from scratch!  Off to Pinterest I went, and after checking out a few of the many recipes, I settled on this one

On my was home from work Monday I stopped to get the ingredients to bake it the night before his birthday. Unfortunately (or not really) the AC repair man decided to stop by a few days earlier than expected since he was in the area so that took up a chunk of our evening since he showed up around 6pm. So, no baking happened, but our AC got fixed! :)

Once I got home from work Tuesday, I went for a nice 2 mile run and then returned to start baking. It was a really straightforward recipe...and I took pics of the process. 

All of my ingredients!

I even used the Mandolin to shred the carrot!

Yay for tiny spatulas for sticky stuff!

It's all in and ready to be mixed!

Eh - it smelled better than it looks...lol

Into the oven!

With the cake in the oven, I jumped in the shower and had dinner for myself before the waiting game began. I ended up cooking it just under an hour (recipe said 40 minutes) as the top of the cake was super soft. Things also just cook weird here at altitude...

Then I had to let the cake cool before I could add the cream cheese "frosting" and decor.  I (and I'm sure Toby) was starting to get impatient!

cool down time.
I finally gave in to the fact it was ever going to get super firm and the cream cheese wasn't going to get soft enough so I went to work and Toby finally got his cake around 10pm. ;)

I decided to add some shredded carrots on top for some extra color.

Happy Birthday Toby!
I had to get a picture with him and his cake, but in true Toby quirky style, he was afraid of the dish...so he didn't want it close to him, regardless of the yummy peanut butter smell. Haha

Can you tell he's uncomfortable here? lol

Of course now he's not scared...

Piece 1 of 2 for the evening. ;)
Overall it was quite a success and he's gotten to have some each night this week...the party just keeps going! :)  I think I'd definitely try making something for him again in the future, it was fun to do and I know he liked it.

Have you ever baked for your pet?

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

Yesterday may have been his birthday...but I'm the one who got the best gift in the mail! #newrunningsneaks

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Happy Birthday Toby!!

Can't believe you came into the world 8 years ago!  You will forever be my pupcake. <3

Monday, June 8, 2015

Dumbo Double Dare Training - Week 5

Holy cow, it's June!  I have no idea where 2015 is going and the fact that we're almost half way through is crazy!  I guess time flies when you're having fun (or at least keeping busy...).

Week 5 of DDD training went pretty well.  I actually did my long run this week (woo me! lol) so it's all up hill from here my friends.  

During the week, I only got in 1 run - a nice lil 5k run - on Tuesday.

My own lil 5k.
Since the hubs was away on business, I tried a slightly different route with the hopes of ending by a shopping center so I could then walk to get my dinner and then head home.  Ultimately, I had to tweak the route a tad as the sidewalk turned into a non-sidewalk and - given the major road I was on - had to change it up a bit.  Luckily, I was able to make it all work out in the end even with the mid-route switcharoo.  

It was hot hot hot on Tuesday, so I felt a little slow (and my route was majorly lacking shade) but I got it done, and was rewarded with a yummy dinner. ;)  The Garmin also told me it was my fastest mile, 9:32, so woo me!

The long run this week was 6.5 miles.  I haven't run this far since our 10k a month ago.  I would be lying if I didn't say it was a bit of a struggle at times, and I walked far more than I care to admit.  Again, I was kind of playing with my route to come up with the mileage and run something a little differently than when I was doing my longer runs last fall for my training.  Aka I'm looking for longer loops to run, than the ~1 mile loop that I was running last year, over and over and over again. haha  The new route is ok, but has A LOT more hills in it, whereas my 1 mile loop is fairly flat (something hard to find here in Colorado!) so it's not crazy strenuous in that regard.  

Not the best pace, but not bad considering all the walking...

Oh well, I guess the hill work is a necessary evil - but I walked up the majorish ones so I don't know how much that did for me.  But at least it's switching it up for my body.

This week, I'm hoping to finally make it back to my hot yoga classes and hit all my runs - I want to really get back into focusing on my fitness and healthy habits.  With summer upon us, there is no better time than now!

How was your weekend? =)

Monday, June 1, 2015

Dumbo Double Dare training - Week 4

Another not so great week of sticking to the plan.

In short, I only ran once last week.  And it was (only) 3.1 miles. 

I did set 2 new records on my Garmin though. Fastest mile, 9:40. And fastest 5k, 35:19. Whether these are actually my fastest times I'm not sure since I didn't take records notes when I use to use MapMyRun...but it felt good for what it was, consider I did I different and new loop AND ran more hills than normal. I also impressed the 20 something neighbor girl and her friends...who were outside when I left and still outside when I returned. They couldn't believe I just ran 3 whole miles as they couldn't even run 1 (Wellllll, maybe you should try putting the ciggs down for one...) so that made me feel good for what it was worth...

The heat of summer has finally come to Denver, so it's taking more mental talk for me to get out in it. Hopefully I can make it happen this week and make these miles happen (especially now that my never ending running nose appears to be gone).  Dopey training starts next month (eeeek!  How is it June?!) but having my husband on the same training plan should help in those moment of running doubt. :)

Are you ready for the summer heat?