Friday, June 12, 2015

Furry Friday

So as I posted earlier this week, my lil Toby turned 8!

Happy Pup on my wedding day. =)
Given his endless supply of toys, I decided to bake him a cake from scratch!  Off to Pinterest I went, and after checking out a few of the many recipes, I settled on this one

On my was home from work Monday I stopped to get the ingredients to bake it the night before his birthday. Unfortunately (or not really) the AC repair man decided to stop by a few days earlier than expected since he was in the area so that took up a chunk of our evening since he showed up around 6pm. So, no baking happened, but our AC got fixed! :)

Once I got home from work Tuesday, I went for a nice 2 mile run and then returned to start baking. It was a really straightforward recipe...and I took pics of the process. 

All of my ingredients!

I even used the Mandolin to shred the carrot!

Yay for tiny spatulas for sticky stuff!

It's all in and ready to be mixed!

Eh - it smelled better than it

Into the oven!

With the cake in the oven, I jumped in the shower and had dinner for myself before the waiting game began. I ended up cooking it just under an hour (recipe said 40 minutes) as the top of the cake was super soft. Things also just cook weird here at altitude...

Then I had to let the cake cool before I could add the cream cheese "frosting" and decor.  I (and I'm sure Toby) was starting to get impatient!

cool down time.
I finally gave in to the fact it was ever going to get super firm and the cream cheese wasn't going to get soft enough so I went to work and Toby finally got his cake around 10pm. ;)

I decided to add some shredded carrots on top for some extra color.

Happy Birthday Toby!
I had to get a picture with him and his cake, but in true Toby quirky style, he was afraid of the he didn't want it close to him, regardless of the yummy peanut butter smell. Haha

Can you tell he's uncomfortable here? lol

Of course now he's not scared...

Piece 1 of 2 for the evening. ;)
Overall it was quite a success and he's gotten to have some each night this week...the party just keeps going! :)  I think I'd definitely try making something for him again in the future, it was fun to do and I know he liked it.

Have you ever baked for your pet?

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