Monday, June 1, 2015

Dumbo Double Dare training - Week 4

Another not so great week of sticking to the plan.

In short, I only ran once last week.  And it was (only) 3.1 miles. 

I did set 2 new records on my Garmin though. Fastest mile, 9:40. And fastest 5k, 35:19. Whether these are actually my fastest times I'm not sure since I didn't take records notes when I use to use MapMyRun...but it felt good for what it was, consider I did I different and new loop AND ran more hills than normal. I also impressed the 20 something neighbor girl and her friends...who were outside when I left and still outside when I returned. They couldn't believe I just ran 3 whole miles as they couldn't even run 1 (Wellllll, maybe you should try putting the ciggs down for one...) so that made me feel good for what it was worth...

The heat of summer has finally come to Denver, so it's taking more mental talk for me to get out in it. Hopefully I can make it happen this week and make these miles happen (especially now that my never ending running nose appears to be gone).  Dopey training starts next month (eeeek!  How is it June?!) but having my husband on the same training plan should help in those moment of running doubt. :)

Are you ready for the summer heat? 

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