Tuesday, March 31, 2015

3.1 miles

Yesterday, something clicked for me.

I read some great and inspiring running stuff on the grand interweb yesterday at work (again, shh - don't tell!) and put it to the test

While this running journey started around this time last year - I ran my first mile in forever in May! - I think I've come a faaar way.  I not only enjoy running, but I actually want to improve myself as a runner!

In training for my first half, it was a matter of doing.  Could I run 5k?  Could I run a 10k? (I needed that corral placement for runDisney after all!) Could I run 8 or 9 or 10 or more miles for my training program?  Each week the milage went up, I stuck with it - and no matter how long (see: slow) it took I made it.  The icing was obviously running that 13.1 miles back in January, and the glory of saying I ran I half marathon - something I NEVER thought I would do.

But now, as I look to my next half - another runDisney race in Disneyland, and this time the Dumbo Double Dare Challenge nonetheless! -  I want to not just run the miles, I want to feel the miles.  I want to really run, and not just run the miles because it's what the training plan calls form.

And yesterday, after work I ran my own 5k.  While I technically ran it to submit for the Rock  n Roll Las Vegas virtual 5k, I wanted to continue to play with my pace given the inspiration I had found online.  While I've been using MapMyRun - a fab free app on my phone to track my miles - I cannot really track my pace since its in my pocket.  With a birthday coming up, I am HOPING this month I will be gifted with a lovely running watch.  Until then, I am just kinda playing around with thing while hitting the road.

I am the runner that runs like hell out the gate, which as I have learned, is not the best thing to do.  In my last few runs (I ran 5 miles on Saturday on a local trail, which was sooo lovely!) I have been trying to take it slower on mile 1, so I don't DIE when I hit mile 2, and have been paying more attention to my timing once I start my run/walk 'intervals' since I don't do anything formal in that regard.

Yesterday, I saw progress.  I slowed it down in mile 1 and kept running into mile 2 without having to walk right away.  I worked my intervals on a large hill and had, perhaps, my strongest 2nd mile ever!  To top it off, my overall time was my fasted  (unofficial)  to date!  I was so thrilled with my time.  While I know it's by no means THE fastest time ever, for me it shows great progress - especially with this dang Colorado altitude!

For once I didn't have a better mile 3 over my mile 2!
3.1 miles.  A 5k.  Something that I now run, just because.  Something that I never thought I'd do, let alone enjoy!  But I do.  I can only hope in the coming months I will continue to see this improvement as I play around with my pace, with my intervals...hopefully my husband will finally understand just why I want a foam roller. ;)

As Bill Murry's character Bob would say..."Baby steps."

What About Bob - a true classic. haha

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Furry Friday

In some down time at work this week (shhh don't tell!) I started clearing out my gmail inbox account. I have had this account since I graduated college aka when my college email account was going to die aka I needed a professional email to apply to jobs...so needless to say it's um, robust. Haha. I have been putting this task off for some time, but with nothing better to do I figured, why not?!

I also have the darnedest time with unread emails for a variety of reasons, so I had been hovering in the 800s even after deleting my daily junk (aka shopping/fashion/news/ads/JUNK, etc) for some time slowly working my way down the hundreds as if go through some more recent stuff. 

Today, however I am now hovering in the 200s (!!!!!) which is pretty huge for me (and I could still do a bit more clearing.) 

One of my older emails is dated July 31, 2007 to my mom titled "Puppies!" - so I had to see what that was about. (Mind you, I came across emails as old as 2010 of dogs I liked on Petfinder that I would share with myself...as I'm always on the search for a companion for Toby. Unfortunately, others don't agree. lol)

Needless to say my day was MADE finding this treasure of a photo...Toby and his 3 litter mates. :)

This was taken on my *gasp* Blackberry Curve (I did enjoy that phone, it was fab for 2007) and I am so grateful to have it to snap this pic. 

I often wonder who got his siblings (we almost walked away with Toby AND his sister) and what they're up to today. I wonder if they have any of the same crazy Toby traits, or if I actually causes them. lol. I wonder if they're all still in PA or if they too got moved across the U.S. for a change of scenery. 

Regardless, I love my lil muffin and cannot believe he's going to be 8 this year!  He will forever have a (very large) piece of my heart. <3

Do you ever think about your pets parents or siblings...or am I just crazy? ;)

Friday, March 20, 2015

Furry Friday

Spring time is here!  Which means (hopefully) no more snow but mud! haha #pawprints

Monday, March 16, 2015

Week In Review

Well last week I kinda got back at it - towards the end anyway! haha

Training Schedule (3.9.15 - 3.15.15)  
3.9.15 // Today I did Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred - Level 2.  Great way to start the week!

3.10.15 // Rest day.  I forget why I didn't work out.

3.11.15 // Rest day.  Again, I forget why I didn't work out.  Can you tell it's been a long week?

3.12.15 // Rest day.  My running BFF's husband was actually speaking in Denver, so we got to take him out to dinner at Atomic Cowboy.  We had visited here over the summer, as they're known for their HUGE pizza slices, and were featured on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives.  We had a lovely dinner out, and I enjoyed my first "mule" drink, which was fab - and sweeter given what it was made with - and I was so happy to finally drink out of a #trendy copper mug! haha

3.13.15 // Rest day, because it was Friday. ;)

3.14.15 // Ran the Lucky Laces 5K race in City Park.  This was the same park we ran the Pumpkin Pie 5k back in November, but it was a different course within, which was nice.  The weather was perfect, and everyone was wearing their best green attire.  The hubs and I decided to not run together, because I hadn't run in a month (since my Puppy Love Virtual 5k) and he has actually been QUITE active, so I didn't want to slow him down.  He did such an amazing job, finishing with an official time of 32:11 and I was a tad slower at 36:07.  We were both pleased, and it was great to be out running in a crowd again!

3.15.15 // Today we finally made the trip to Red Rocks.  We had both heard great things from others about it, and it did not disappoint!  I can't imagine going to a concert there, just because of the traffic getting up and getting down before and after lol but it's a great place.  A lot of locals go there to work out, and run and squat and do whatever on the amphitheater steps.  It was in the high 70s - summmmmmer weather! - and just a great day to walk around.  Toby got a bit over heated/over it and so we didn't stay as long as we wanted to, but we will definitely be back!  I don't know if we will get there this summer for a concert, but they also do Yoga in the summer, which I would LOVE to experience.

When we got back, I ended up running a quick mile since I was already dressed for a run and sweaty from Red Rocks.  I was able to squeak it out in under 10 minutes, so it felt really good.

I also killed it with the Fitbit.  I hit ALL of my goals (though I think the stairs is a tad inflated due to the elevation at Red Rocks) and it was fun to really track and see my progress for the day.

How did you spend your weekend - are you experience Spring like weather?

Friday, March 13, 2015

Furry Friday

I am loving these longer evenings due to the time change...it makes coming home from work and going out for a nice walk with Toby that.much.better. 

Yay for sun and warmer weather on the way!

Now that I've been back in Denver for almost a week, I'm back in the routine of things and hope to get my focus back here to the blog. 

With a beautiful weekend ahead here, I'm excited to run a St Patrick's Day themed 5k tomorrow with the hubs! :)

Any races on your schedule this weekend?

Friday, March 6, 2015

Furry Friday

A little something from the Philadelphia Flower Show this week....pressed flower art! #flashbackfriday #bluesclues

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

This was my amusement last night. I doubt anyone finds it amusing except us (Justin Guarrini, runner up of Season 1 of American Idol was on during our Senior year of high school and Justin had previously attended our high school...it over took out yearbook, among other things) but I could not stop laughing over this. 

We also attended the premiere of From Jusin to Kelly at out local theater as they had a big premiere event and I own it on DVD (even though I know Kelly hates it, it's a cult classic) haha

Check out Justin's new Dr. Pepper commercial if you get the chance. 

Memories. *sigh*

**this posted a day late...I suppose that's what happens when you blog on the go!***