Tuesday, March 31, 2015

3.1 miles

Yesterday, something clicked for me.

I read some great and inspiring running stuff on the grand interweb yesterday at work (again, shh - don't tell!) and put it to the test

While this running journey started around this time last year - I ran my first mile in forever in May! - I think I've come a faaar way.  I not only enjoy running, but I actually want to improve myself as a runner!

In training for my first half, it was a matter of doing.  Could I run 5k?  Could I run a 10k? (I needed that corral placement for runDisney after all!) Could I run 8 or 9 or 10 or more miles for my training program?  Each week the milage went up, I stuck with it - and no matter how long (see: slow) it took I made it.  The icing was obviously running that 13.1 miles back in January, and the glory of saying I ran I half marathon - something I NEVER thought I would do.

But now, as I look to my next half - another runDisney race in Disneyland, and this time the Dumbo Double Dare Challenge nonetheless! -  I want to not just run the miles, I want to feel the miles.  I want to really run, and not just run the miles because it's what the training plan calls form.

And yesterday, after work I ran my own 5k.  While I technically ran it to submit for the Rock  n Roll Las Vegas virtual 5k, I wanted to continue to play with my pace given the inspiration I had found online.  While I've been using MapMyRun - a fab free app on my phone to track my miles - I cannot really track my pace since its in my pocket.  With a birthday coming up, I am HOPING this month I will be gifted with a lovely running watch.  Until then, I am just kinda playing around with thing while hitting the road.

I am the runner that runs like hell out the gate, which as I have learned, is not the best thing to do.  In my last few runs (I ran 5 miles on Saturday on a local trail, which was sooo lovely!) I have been trying to take it slower on mile 1, so I don't DIE when I hit mile 2, and have been paying more attention to my timing once I start my run/walk 'intervals' since I don't do anything formal in that regard.

Yesterday, I saw progress.  I slowed it down in mile 1 and kept running into mile 2 without having to walk right away.  I worked my intervals on a large hill and had, perhaps, my strongest 2nd mile ever!  To top it off, my overall time was my fasted  (unofficial)  to date!  I was so thrilled with my time.  While I know it's by no means THE fastest time ever, for me it shows great progress - especially with this dang Colorado altitude!

For once I didn't have a better mile 3 over my mile 2!
3.1 miles.  A 5k.  Something that I now run, just because.  Something that I never thought I'd do, let alone enjoy!  But I do.  I can only hope in the coming months I will continue to see this improvement as I play around with my pace, with my intervals...hopefully my husband will finally understand just why I want a foam roller. ;)

As Bill Murry's character Bob would say..."Baby steps."

What About Bob - a true classic. haha

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