Thursday, March 26, 2015

Furry Friday

In some down time at work this week (shhh don't tell!) I started clearing out my gmail inbox account. I have had this account since I graduated college aka when my college email account was going to die aka I needed a professional email to apply to needless to say it's um, robust. Haha. I have been putting this task off for some time, but with nothing better to do I figured, why not?!

I also have the darnedest time with unread emails for a variety of reasons, so I had been hovering in the 800s even after deleting my daily junk (aka shopping/fashion/news/ads/JUNK, etc) for some time slowly working my way down the hundreds as if go through some more recent stuff. 

Today, however I am now hovering in the 200s (!!!!!) which is pretty huge for me (and I could still do a bit more clearing.) 

One of my older emails is dated July 31, 2007 to my mom titled "Puppies!" - so I had to see what that was about. (Mind you, I came across emails as old as 2010 of dogs I liked on Petfinder that I would share with I'm always on the search for a companion for Toby. Unfortunately, others don't agree. lol)

Needless to say my day was MADE finding this treasure of a photo...Toby and his 3 litter mates. :)

This was taken on my *gasp* Blackberry Curve (I did enjoy that phone, it was fab for 2007) and I am so grateful to have it to snap this pic. 

I often wonder who got his siblings (we almost walked away with Toby AND his sister) and what they're up to today. I wonder if they have any of the same crazy Toby traits, or if I actually causes them. lol. I wonder if they're all still in PA or if they too got moved across the U.S. for a change of scenery. 

Regardless, I love my lil muffin and cannot believe he's going to be 8 this year!  He will forever have a (very large) piece of my heart. <3

Do you ever think about your pets parents or siblings...or am I just crazy? ;)

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