Monday, June 29, 2015

Dumbo Double Dare Training - Week 7 & 8

I guess this is where we say goodbye June...holy cow that was a quick month!

So I didn't get last week's training recap posted, so here's a lil double up of the last 2 weeks.  

DDD Training Week 7

This week of training called for an 8 mile long run.  Work was quite lovely and gave everyone a Friday off in June, so I decided to use my day off to get in my long run.  It got me up and moving on a day when I probably would've lounged around all day, so it was a win win!

It wasn't the best run ever, but I stuck with it and got it done with a pace of 13:46.  While the heat here isn't as terrible as it will be in Disneyland (hello humidity!) my runs have definitely been turned up with the sunshine and heat.

On Sunday, I decided to run the FroYo5k.  The hubs was back East at a work conference, so I attended this event solo - a first for me.  I was a little nervous attending an event alone, but knew that the taste of sweet froyo at the end would help me along.

I'll do a lil race recap this week, but I had a lot of fun!  I ended up with a pace of 11:03 (!!!) and ended up getting a new 5k PR with 34:38.  I was beyond ecstatic - I actually ran the first two miles with out walking, a CO first!  The weather was perfect and I'm super glad I decided to sign up and check it out alone.
Woo for a cute new medal!

DDD Training Week 8 

Guess what guys...I got back to hot yoga this week! =D  I only made it once, on Monday evening, but it was great.  If I'm being completely honest, I was sore ALL week from an hour class.  Those little muscles that you forget you have, yeah I used them all and then some. haha  I've never been sore for this long after class, but it was a good sore, so it was welcomed.

The long run this week was 7 miles.  I took this task on Saturday morning.  Yet again, it was quite warm and sunny during my run.  I decided to take it back to my ~1 mile loop that I ran a lot last fall when training for the WDW Half.  While a little boring, given the loop, there isn't much in elevation change, which is nice.  

I really tried to watch my pace and not jump the gun out the gate as I usually do.  This kinda worked, but is also a little harder to do, so I definitely plan to keep working on it each week.  If there was one thing the FroYo5k taught me, it was that pace is SO important.

This week, double duty starts!  Dopey Training officially begins on Tuesday (yikes!) and that means Marathon training is about to start with the hubby!  I'm super stoked to being this next running journey...and I know January is going to be here before I know it! =)

Are you currently training for something?  Are you sticking with the plan?

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