Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Froyo 5k

On Sunday, June 21st, I took part in a new running series, the FroYo 5K!  What's not to love about the thought of some froyo after a 5k, so this was kind of a no brainer.  As I said before, my husband was out of town for work, so I had to make the decision if I wanted to run this alone or not...ultimately I decided to go for it.

Another reason I wanted to run was because it was Father Day, and I wanted to honor my Dad.  It's hard to believe it's almost been a year since he passed away unexpectedly, and I given our love for sweets, I thought this would be a nice way to run for him.

The race started at 9am.  This race doesn't do a pre-packet pick up, it's all handled the morning of.  They recommended being there at least an hour early, so I did as I was told.  There weren't a ton of people there, but enough, and I had no problem checking in, and getting my bib and gear - you were given a drawstring bag, that contained sunglasses, a baseball cap, your bib, and a few coupons.  After taking a walk around the handful of booths (including picking up a cute tank!) I decided to take my stuff back to my car before getting settled into the start of the race.
My FroYo loot!  Obvi had to wear my new shades!
A pre race step & repeat photo in my new shnazzy race outfit!
Waiting to go in my self seeded corral
A fun pre race pic!
After a little bit of waiting (while there was some disorganization throughout, I think they did an overall great job) we were finally off and running!  Having looked at the race course prior, I knew there was quite a hill in mile 1.  Yikes.  Luckily the weather was quite perfect, it was warm, but overcast, so the sun wasn't shinning upon us in it's full glory, so I decided to just try and take it easy.  Within the first minute or so, and before we really started our hike up the hill, I realized there were 2 girls in front of me running at a nice pace.  I don't know why, but I decided these girls were going to be my pacers, and I was going to stick with them as best I could for the rest of the race.

I'm glad I had this in my head before the incline because let me tell you - I wanted to stop and walk...but I kept at it and trudged up that hill.  The top of the hill/mile 1 was a turn around and also a water stop, so as we were still making our way up, those speedsters were already coming back down!  It gave me some additional fire though, and before I knew it we were at the turn around and heading back down ourselves!  Any normal training run for me, means run mile 1 and then run/walk everything else. haha  However, given my miracle pacers and the beauty of running down a huge hill, I kept going.  Any time I felt like I should maybe take a break, I told myself to keep going, so I did! 

Soon enough we were approaching mile 2!  Holy cow, I couldn't believe it.  I was still running.  I know this sounds so silly, but it was huge for me and my lungs!  I kept it going about 2 tenths into mile 2, when there was another water stop and I decided to take a longer walk break with my water.  I continued to keep my eyes on my pacers, and while they didn't slow down, I knew I could get back to them.  After my short walk break, I was back at it.  I could still see my unknowing pacers and quickened my pace to gain back some ground.  At this point I was dead set on running a sub 35 minute 5k, which I knew would be a PR for me.  It was so in my grasp, and I just kept going.  I did take another walk break or 2, but was able to catch back up to my pacers right before the finish line.

I actually was able to pick it up enough to pass these 2 awesome girls who had no idea how much they had helped me - I actually thanked them as I ran by and across the glorious finish line.  Like a flash, I had crossed the finish and was awarded my fancy new medal.

I was pretty sure at this point I had unofficially PRed per my Garmin, but I decided to bask in my glory and head on over for my froyo!

I decided on coconut and gummy bears for toppings. =)
The unofficial/official PR!
While enjoying my FroYo in the grass, and for them to post times, they had some fun and games going on on stage.  They had a 'no hands' fro yo contest, as well as an Instagram # contest (which I sadly didn't win) and also a gummy bear toss.

More fro yo without hands!
Overall, I had a GREAT time.  It was a fun way to spend my Sunday morning, I got a fab new PR, and I now know I can conquer a race all by myself! 

A post race walk with Toby and my new bling.

Perhaps the BEST part was a few days after the race, they sent out an email regarding free official race photos - check out this winner! haha  See those 2 lovely ladies behind me...my pacers!  Clearly I am floating on air right before I crossed the finish knowing what I was about to accomplish, it felt great!

As this race grows, I would definitely recommend it if it comes to your part of the country - nothing says fun like a 5k and froyo! =D

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