Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Dumbo Double Dare Training - Week 6

A day late but here nonetheless!  Life has been up and down with it's crazy moments - especially at work.  I had this post almost totally typed up yesterday and then lost it (that's what I get for trying to work on my phone, as it apparently doesn't auto save...) but I'm trucking on through!

Last week I got in 2 of my 3 runs for DDD Training, and did not make it to any hot yoga classes.  Small improvements people!  haha

I did a 2 mile run on Tuesday (the run before I made Toby's cake!) and it actually went really well.  I got to rock my Rock 'n Roll tank that I had just received in the mail, as I par took in their Vegas Virtual 5k a few months back.  So, I was feeling schanzzy in my new gear, and got (another!) fast mile on my Garmin, with my first mile clocking in at 9:27.  Considering I got my Garmin for my birthday back at the end of April, it's been fun to see my 'fastest mile' goal decreasing and seeing the other variety of goals it now tracks for me...since MapMyRun didn't do any of that for me previously.

Woo for a new goal!  Now to be able to maintain it...

On Saturday, the hubs decided he too would run my DDD Training 4 miles with me.  Considering our Dopey training will be beginning in a few weeks (eeek!) he's got to get back at it too.  We drove over to our local park to run our trail route and started off together, but ultimately he got off ahead of me and I never really caught up - though I did always try to keep him in my eyesight. ;)

We had a discussion afterwards about how we have the need to walk not because our legs are tired, but because of our lungs.  While there PLENTY of people who run here and get over this, it's something that has been a constant struggle (maybe due to my childhood asthma...?) and I had using it as a crutch every time I run.  It's just so annoying.  Given I know I can run consistently (ie I ran like 4 mile straight at the start of the WDW Half in January) at sea level, it just sucks.  I'm hoping to work through this, and know I need to have better breathing while running regardless of the way the altitude zaps it out of me.  Even with my walking breaks, my heart rate does stay elevated for the whole time, so at least the rest of my body is functioning appropriately.  If only I could breathe!

I had some fun on my last mile back and took some snaps of the trail.  I was also counting down from 26.2 miles to start getting mentally prepared for THAT countdown. haha  Just gotta take it one mile at a time!

Beautiful day for a run!

Run selfie!

Love a good trail run, and yay for shaded parts!
An exciting part of this run was I was breaking in my new Mizuno Wave Inspire 11s!  My Mizuno Wave Inspire 10s have been giving me heel issues for the last few weeks, and I knew it was definitely time to upgrade.  I did stop by my local running store to be evaluated again, just to see if anything changed with my feet over the last year when I was first evaluated.  I highly recommend doing this at your own local running store, as your sneaks are such a key to your run and your running health!  While I did try on a few other brands, nothing beats the cushiness of my Mizunos, so I'm sticking with them (though they did have be go up another 1/2 size).  I felt great after my 4 miles AND no heel pain, yay!

New sneaks! <3
I also found a discounted pair of my Mizuno 10s online that I ordered so I can better rotate my shoes, which I didn't do in my first year as a runner, as I know I should really do that come Dopey in January.  You know you're a runner when...you get excited over sneakers! lol

After the run we did take Toby on a 1 mile walk - he was fairly cooperative on it, as he's been getting more and more moody about walking lately.  I don't know if it's his "old" age or the heat...but man he will just put the breaks on sometimes and want to go home, where as he use to always love going out on long jaunts!

I just wanted to also note we saw Jurassic World Saturday night (it was a full fledge date night! Dinner and  movie...and Dairy Queen for the Jurassic Smash blizzard!) and I highly recommend it!  The other weekend we watched the first 3 Jurassic movies on TV, which was a good refresher.  It's a great throw back to the original, and I love Chris Pratt. They left it wide open for a sequel, which is clearly happening given it's record breaking numbers...so if you haven't seen it and loved the original, check it out! 

We spotted John Hammond from the original JP movie at DQ - he had the full outfit! lol
Sunday we went back over to the park with Toby, as the hubs was going to run and I was going to treat Toby to a walk on the trail.  Let's just say...he wasn't having it. haha  We got going for a good maybe minute? on the trail and then he put on the breaks and wanted to walk back to the start, which is more of a park like area.  We spent time hanging out in the shade people/dog watching and started to move a little bit by the time the hubs was back from his 3 mile run...pathetic!  haha  Oh well - I spent most of the time on the phone with one of my BFFs who I'm running with in Disneyland, so it was nice to catch up and just hang in the nice weather, even if Toby was being stubborn. ;)  

Looking forward to another lovely Colorado week here and building up my mileage for the Half...I am so excited for it and the 60th celebration!

How do you track your running shoes?  I'm thinking of getting a running journal to help track and train for Dopey.

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