Friday, April 3, 2015

Furry Friday

A funny thing happened in our home Tuesday evening.  Toby went on a hunt!  He was on the hunt for a specific toy, which unfortuntely was burried in a toy basket.  I must confess, over the course of being Toby's owner/mom I have used any excuse possible to buy him a new toy, typically of the stuffed variety.  Christmas, obvious!  Running into the store to buy some treats, sure!  Browsing an online dog boutique, yes!  Birthday, well duh! get the point.  I understand it may seem a bit oh, excessive, lol but I love him and gladly spoil him.

While he has a main little toy bin of his favorites in our family room, he has an overflow basket behind our main couch that he will occationally pull things out of, but this night he had his sights set on getting that darn floppy moose!  He proceeded to drag his toy basket from behind the couch - tugging on the leg of said moose - and refused to give up on getting his prize.  I did actually video tape this for my own amusement, because well - I love him and his funny quirks!   

He did eventually dig it out play with it for a hot second - seriously, for all that work you'd think he'd be playing with it for the rest of the evening - but he was over it and went back to one of his usual favs within a few minutes.  Below is a little timeline of events. ;)

My first inkling of what was up...
Still tugging on to the rug...
Starting to take other toys out to get to the many to choose from!
The moose has been captured!  Play time!
Look what I did mom! <3

Does your pet do anything crazy?  Do you shower your pet with gifts? haha


  1. LOL! Too cute! Looks exactly like my family's dog, a Shih Tzu named Riley. He has about A MILLION toys, too.

  2. Dogs are Haha they deserve all the toys and then some! ;)