Thursday, April 2, 2015

Throwback Thursday - My Wedding

My first blog #TBT!  haha

It is CRAZY to me that this weekend marks 1 year of blissful marriage with my amazing husband!  I think back to this time last year, and it is a bit of a blur of final preparations and good times with good people.

We opted to have a small wedding - as in an invite list of 35 of our nearest and dearest - and it.was.PERFECT. I couldn't have asked for a better day, with better people to start a new chapter in my life with my the man I love. <3

We got married at a lovely garden center, terrain.  If you're a fan of Anthropologie, you may have heard of it, as it's part of the URBN family.  It was the perfect rustic spot for our nuptials, where I got to add my own DIY touches, and it exceeded my expectations in terms of how I pictured my wedding day.

In honor of that - here are a few snapshot of the day.  Honestly...this was hard.  I love ALL of our photos.  This is one reason we haven't finalized our official album yet, because I cannot cut them down.  We've discussed maybe making this weekend THE weekend so we can actually get our pictures chosen, we shall see.  Photography was by the wonderful ladies (we actually used associates to save a lil $$) at Love Me Do Photography - they are all fab and do amazing work!   

Getting dolled up with Toby.

My ladies!

Toby in his bowtie! <3

Our "first look" before the ceremony.

Our family!

One of my DIY projects - honey that was served during Cocktail Hour, that I jarred and tied tags to as favors.

Bridal party!

My mom actually took this's one of my favs with Toby.  He's smiling. =)

Dad <3

Fun with maids... with the mens.


We had a sparkler sendoff, it was awesome.
After our wedding we met up with a group of friends at a local restaurant/bar, so even though we had an intimate wedding, we still got to celebrate with friends...and keep the party going!

With wedding season upon us (Fun fact: In 2013 we had 10 weddings over the course of the year between our friends and family...this year we will only be attending 1. lol) Do you have any weddings coming up?  Do you have a favorite wedding you've attended?


  1. Happy anniversary! Love the photos, and you looked absolutely STUNNING! I loooove your dress. Sounds like the perfect wedding! :)