Monday, April 13, 2015

Week In Review

Training Schedule (4.6.15 - 4.12.15)  
4.6.15// Today was the day I decided to return to Hot Yoga!  You may recall my lovely ode to hot yoga from last fall, when I devoted a whole post to the lovely Sumits Yoga studio I started attending last summer.  However, while I kept with it, once it turned cold...getting up at 5am became harder and harder.  Now that we're full steam into spring, I'm getting back at it...and boy did it feel good (in that hurts so good it's good hurt). haha

I actually went to a 6:30pm class (after work, a first!) and before I left, I did a quick 1 mile run, just get a run in. ;)  Busted it out in 10:01.

4.7.15 // Rest day. 

4.8.15 // 5:30am hot yoga.  Since I've been gone, they now have all their 5:30am classes at an hour (vs the normal 80 minutes) and I'd never attended one of these before.  They took out a few poses (obvi!) and the abs section, but overall it was still a great way to start the day.  I actually felt pretty good all things considered (but still hurt the good hurt.) haha

4.9.15 //Rest day.  Wasn't feeling too hot, but sipped tea all day at work, and made it work!

4.10.15 // I actually stayed home sick from work today.  I think it was more preventative as I've felt much worse this weekend (haha) but my throat was killing me, so I wanted to rest up since I figured something was coming.  I did take Toby on a 2.5 mile walk, as it was a lovely day and I wanted to get out for a bit.  I also watched Cinderella and Pocahontas which I had saved on DVR a few weeks ago - thanks ABC Family! =)

4.11.15 //  At this point, I was full on sick.  And by that I just mean a hardcore runny nose, throat hurt, and congestion.  I spent most of day relaxing but did end up going on a nice 4 mile trail walk with the hubs - again it was just too nice out (and my fitbit made feel lazy, even with being sick) so I figured why not.  I took it easy, and if anything I hit my steps for the day

4.12.15 //  I did nothing today.  I watched a variety of TV shows, Sleeping Beauty (also DVRed a few weeks ago) and just relaxed.  I wasn't going to push my luck with going out and walking again, so I really did very little activity - except blow my nose, a lot.  

Hoping to get well soon so I can get back into the hot yoga routine and, obviously, running.

What do you do with your training when you're sick?

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