Friday, April 10, 2015

Furry Friday

If you follow me on Instagram (basic.sass) then you know I was drinking tea yesterday and not feeling too hot. Well, I'm still not feeling that hot so I'm home today curled up on the couch with Toby, hoping to feel better soon!  I got back into hot yoga this week, and was bummed to miss class this AM. 

Today's Furry Friday is also a Flashback Friday to being in Disney this past January for marathon weekend. 

During our time in Animal Kingdom our safari truck at Kiliminjaro Safaris got "stuck" thanks to a giraffe or two so we ended up getting awesome pics thanks to the 10 minute hold up (they had to call someone to come and get him away because he was NOT moving) haha  It was awesome being "that truck" but I felt bad for those who were not stuck in a good photo opportunity place.  Fun fact; my running BFF, Beth, actually use to drive the Kilominjaro Safari truck when she was a CP so she felt the pain of our driver. ;)

Enjoy...already counting down to my next Disney trip... ;)

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