Saturday, November 22, 2014

Pumpkin Pie 5k Recap!

It's hard to believe it's been a week since the Pumpkin Pie 5k!

Luckily the weather has warmed up a bit here in Colorado, but I will always have the cold, cold memories of running in 14 degree weather with my hubby on that fateful day!

The night before was all about preparing for the weather, and I wanted to make sure I was properly equipped.  Here is what I prepared:
  • Official Pumpkin Pie 5k shirt
  • Lululemon sports bra
  • UPenn tank tap (had to rep PA, even though no one saw it)
  • Old Navy Active Half Zip Pullover 
  • Lululemon Running Tights
  • Brooks Run Happy shorts
  • Snowboarding socks
  • Mittens
  • Ear warmer headband
  • Mizuno Wave Inspire 10 running sneaks
I figured this would do the trick - but I was also contemplating a Turtle Fur neck warmer (that I have probably had since like elementary school) as well.  While it would've been nice to have pre-race, I'm glad I left that off. 
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Planning things out on Friday night.
The plan was to leave at 8am the next more, with a 9am start time.  As per usual, I took a little longer getting ready, and we were out the door around 8:15am.  It was then that I realized it was snowing.  Per my last check of the weather, the snow was to occur in the afternoon, not early in the morning, so I was shocked...and couldn't believe I was about to run a 5k with my husband.  Did I mention he was wearing shorts?  Um, yes.

We timed things fairly well even with our late start, as there was quite a bit of a walk in the snowy cold to get from the parking area to the starting line in the park.  By the time we made our way there, we only had to wait about 5 or so minutes for the race to start.
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What I'm thinking - "Is this really happening right now!?  Snow, running!?  Oh boy..."

People didn't listen (which I assume is quite common at these events being new to them) in regards to lining up.  They asked the <8 minute mile runners to head to the front and then fan back from there with runners with dogs and/or strollers to be in the back.  We placed ourselves a little ways back from the front - but had a dog right behind us.  We were no where near the back, and the dog was getting a little stir crazy given the confining space.  I am CLEARLY a dog runner, but this woman should've listened to the rules, but I held my tounge.
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Smiles at the start line!
We were finally off...and it was a slow start.  In addition to dogs not being where they should've been, people who were walking were ahead of us - like as in walking and we hadn't even been running for a minute!  It was very annoying trying to get around these folks, because in addition to the fact that it was snowing, the conditions were not ideal.  There were a variety of icy spots on the pavement, and trying to bob and weave around people did not help when people were trying to keep their balance and oh you know, RUN a 5k.

I eventually moved into the grass - which while snow covered and not even, was a little bit more stable than the untreated surfaces of the pavement, and helped me get around people.  While the hubs and I planned to run this race together, I knew given his height he could find me far more easily than I could him, and took off a bit ahead of him because the barely running pace was annoying me.

As I ran, I could HEAR people fall behind me - and then those around them/behind them react to the fall.  It made me nervous and after talking to the hubby he said he witness quite a few nasty falls (that I was presumably just hearing).  Lucky for us, we never fell and ran a successful race in that regards.

I realized about 2 minutes in that I had forgotten to turn on MapMyRun - I was clearly caught up in the snow and excitement of the cold! - so I had NO idea where I was mile wise.  I decided to just let it go and 'run the race' but I also assumed they would have mile markers.   Well, I only saw a mile marker for mile 2 on the whole course.  That was frustrating, because I am definitely someone who likes to know where I am at, and since I didn't have the reliance of MapMyRun, I just had to guestimate.  Meh.  There were 2 DJs on the course providing music and words of encouragement (aka runners be careful of the ice!), but besides that it was a run through a park with snow.  Though they did have (free!) race photographers along the course as well.

I'm going to assume that I ran the whole first mile and then some, before starting up on my interval running.  There was no rhyme or reason to it really since I had no way to know where I was in my mileage to try and pace myself.  By this point, the hubs had caught up to me, so we just discussed when we would walk.  

At one point I also got a side stitch, which was annoying but there was such an assortment of runners/walkers/dogs/kids/etc that it really didn't matter.  People just wanted to finish and get their pumpkin pie!

We crossed the finish line together with an official time of 38:57.  Nothing to write home about, but I was happy with it nonetheless given the freezing conditions and not having a proper way to pace myself.
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Wooo Pumpkin Pie 5k medal 2014!

It was time to get our medal (a first for both of us!) and then get in line for our pie.  They did have vendors set up, but we were just focused on getting the pie and getting out of there!  By the time we received our pie and started the trek back to the car, the line was CRAZY long - like basically from the finish line to the table - to get pumpkin pie.  It made me feel like I had finished before the majority of those running, so that was nice.  Though there were still plenty of people on the course, as many chose to walk.
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Waiting in line for our pumpkin pie!  Smiles all around!

There was a 10k starting at 10:30 and we passed many of those runner coming in, but I was glad to be heading out.  By this point my sweat was cold and making me cold and I just wanted to be warm and eat my pumpkin pie (yes I carried it all the way back to the car) in peace.

Overall, it was a fun experience, though the weather definitely added an extra element we did not expect to have when we registered.  I wish there had been better mile signage on the course, and that they had treated the pavement better as the conditions were no ideal even if it hadn't been snowing.
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Finally!  My pie!
 What's your experience running winter races?  Do you plan on doing a Turkey Trot next week? 

I leave you with some of the "official" race photos - I attempted to pose for one with a thumbs up - however they were focused on the hubs, so you can see my thumbs in one of this photos...many of mine were not all that flattering.  haha  I will have to work on this for the Disney Half. ;)

Running in the grass!
Action shot!

Happy to finish with my wonderful husband!

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