Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Week In Review

A day late, again, this week - but Monday's are a little crazy getting  back into the work week and all.

Last week's workouts were great, and a needed improvement on the previous week.


Training Schedule (11.3.14 - 11.9.14)

11.3.14 // 5:30am Hot Yoga (80 minute class).  It was a great class.  Starting my week off with Kim, was just what I needed.  I should note, that when I left class it was sleeting out.  Unacceptable!  By the time I left for work though, it was over.  The crazy Colorado weather continues!

11.4.14 //  30 minute Disney workout.  I really tried to push myself on the treadmill, and ran (what I think) were my fastest 2 miles ever in just under 25 minutes!  I did speed intervals of 5.5 and 3.5 - normally I top out at 5 on the treadmill, so I was happy with my workout.  Ended up doing 2.3 miles, but walked (speed 3.5) most of the last 5 minutes.

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I was so excited, I had to take a picture mid run!

11.5.14 // 5:30am Hot Yoga (80 minute class).  Yet again, a lovely start to my Wednesday with Melissa.  It was a small class, which made it that much more awesome.

11.6.14 // Unexpected rest day, since I had to make some phone calls after work.  My husband said it was ok though, since I had my big long run this weekend to help make up for it. ;)

11.7.14 //  Rest Day!  I need the rest to prepare for my big run on Saturday.  We did Olive Garden for dinner (woo! haha) so I was all pasta'ed up!

11.8.14 //  Today was the day, the biggest run to date!  I kept watching the weather in regards to when I should head out.  Sunday was on par to be the nicer day, but I really wanted to take care of things on Saturday - so I could truly relax on Sunday.  So, instead of heading out early, I waited until more mid day for the sun to be out shinning.  It actually felt warmer than I was expecting which was great - because I do not like to run in the cold (which will be an upcoming problem for me...)

I really had to get over the hurdle that I was going to be out running for the next 2 hours.  That just seemed like SUCH a long time!  I set a 2 hour mark for myself, based upon my previous outings and what I thought would be a good goal to reach for my 9.5 mile run.  Fingers crossed!

I started out really great!  My first mile clocked in at 8:59!!  Excuse me!?  Me!?  I was over the moon, that seems crazy to me!  It was short lived, but my splits stayed in the twelves then the thirteens - given my run walk pattern, I'm ok with it. haha  I also unofficially beat my 10k time from my official 10k that I ran a month ago, so I'm happy to see improvement, even if it's unofficial. ;)

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Woo a mile under 9 minutes!  Never would've thought...
Going into the last 3.5 miles or so, I was hungry and thirsty.  But, I had no other option but to continue to push though things as best I could.  I haven't tried any of the runner "treats" that people take on their runs, but I'm thinking I may have to after this one. 

One thing to note - I almost hit my goal of 2 hours flat!  I'm kinda mad at myself, because I walked a decent chunk of the last .5 mile, since I was treating it as more of a cool down, and then all of the sudden I realized that I didn't hit 2 hours yet and started to pick up the pace.  Regardless of my splits not looking all that stellar, I'm really happy that I came that close to running everything in 2 hours.

Overall, it was a good long run for me (never did I ever think I'd be running 9.5 miles...but um HELLO I'm running a half...) and I'm happy with where I am currently with my training.

11.9.14 //  Rest day - though I did walk quite a bit around the mall! haha  I had to go shopping for some cold running clothes because OH SNAP did Colorado take a turn this week!

My husband and I are scheduled to run a Pumpkin Pie 5k this weekend in Denver...lets just say, I'm not looking forward to it (...or the rest of this week for that matter).
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Tomorrow is going to be freezing.  And the temperatures continue to drop...  

Oh Colorado.  Yesterday it was literally 60 degrees when I left for work in the morning.  We had an unscheduled fire drill around 11 and it had dropped 20 degrees and my choice of only wearing my North Face Fleece was showing to be a poor one given the wind.  By the time I drove home from work, it was 22 degrees out.  INSANE.  We had such a beautiful weekend here and had no "ease" into this winter weather.  Do.Not.Like.

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My drive home tonight - they let me leave early!

 I am a little concerned about my commute in tomorrow, hoping for maybe a delay?  I just cannot deal with this weather yet...though it is November.  haha  I just don't know how this is going to affect my outdoor runs until the Half.  I have 2 more months to go - I can't let up now!

How do you stay warm on your winter runs!?

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