Friday, November 28, 2014

#Furry Friday

Happy Day After Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Relax in your Comfy Pants/Shop Til You Drop!

I hope that you had a wonderful feast yesterday, and a relaxing day with your loved ones.  Today, I hope you're either continuing that relaxation - or shopping those deals at your local mall (or perhaps even online!)

I will be spending today traveling back to the Denver area, after a lovely mini vacay in the Mountains.  More to come on this fun snowy escape later...

For today's Furry Friday, our friends at Bark Post have a lovely article about the love that our dogs have for us like we are their family.  I know I can't wait to get back home to have cuddles with Toby - and I know how much he loves me (even when deciding to be a little pain in the tushy).

Scientific Proof That Dogs Love Us Like Family

Real love
I know dogs apparently hate hugs - but I think some like them. =)

So, if you didn't know - now you REALLY know how much they love you.


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