Monday, November 17, 2014

Week In Review

Ah, got it in on Monday this week (go me!)

So, I think my workouts were a bit lacking overall last week (unfortunately).  

As my previous posts hinted's been cold.  And quite frankly, I understand that is what happens this time of year.  However, we didn't really ease into it here in Colorado, it basically went from super nice sunny weather to super cold single digits and snow over night - literally.

I blame said weather on my lack of wanting to go out in the early AM (aka yoga) or in the evening (aka the gym) - so I did what I could at home, and I hope to be more with it this week as it warms up a bit around here.  Plus, I have a big long run this weekend!

Training Schedule (11.10.14 - 11.16.14)

11.10.14 //  In all honesty, I had signed up for 5:30am hot yoga on this day.  But when my alarm went off, my little cuddle bug Toby had just gotten super cuddly with me, and I couldn't break his heart and get out of bed.  So, I turned off the alarm, canceled my class appointment, and rolled back over.  I knew this was a mistake, because I knew what weather was coming my way, and figured it was not going to be a good week overall.  Quite frankly, I shot myself in my own foot on this one.  haha

11.11.14 //  Given the deep freeze, and snow, that came upon the area, I actually got out of work 2 hours early to get a jump on the roads and traffic.  However, it also did not make me want to leave the house and go to the gym to do my 30 minute Disney run.  I opted to do online work out videos instead.  I couldn't find my Jillian Micheal's 30 day Shred videos - my husband 'found' them for me, and I could no longer find them on the computer - so I instead tried my hand at the 10 minute work out series that I did find on said computer.  I did 10 minutes of core, and then then 10 minute total body work out...which was a total success for me, since I didn't have a stretchy band to use as they were.  I did work up a decent enough sweat, so I was happy for not doing anything, and felt productive given the nasty weather outside.

11.12.14 //  Ok, so as I had already predicted on Monday - there was no way I was going to hot yoga today.  Given the snow fall and chilly conditions, there was no way I was going to make that early morning trek.  I almost opted out of going to work, but decided to just suck it up and make the drive in.  What normally takes me about 25ish minutes took almost an hour and fifteen minutes - but I blame this more so on the fact that at a major intersection the lights were out and it was a true free-for-all in regards to who got to go which way when.  A true hot mess of traffic, with no cops.  Insanity. 

11.13.14 //  Yet another cold day in paradise, and I did not feel like walking over to the gym for my 30 minute Disney run.  My husband was doing work on his computer, and I couldn't get the Apple TV working, so I just did a Pintrest workout that I had screen capped on my iPad.  It REALLY worked my upper body - planks and pushups! - and I felt that on Friday.  The 1 minute wall sit also wasn't my friend.  But again, I felt happy to have done SOMETHING over nothing.

11.14.14 //  Rest Day!  Yay! haha My husband and I went to pick up our bibs for our Pumpkin Pie 5k after work, and I found the cutest running shorts on a (major!) sale at the store where they were hosting the pick up.  We also went to Panera Bread for dinner - and I got way too excited over their fall menu.  I LOVE their squash soup, so I was over the moon to have that back in my life again!  I could eat that every day.
Displaying photo.JPG
Brooks Run Happy shorts - adorable and motivating!

11.15.14 //  Pumpkin Pie 5k day!  I will do a full recap of the event this week, but lets just say that it was 14 degrees and snowing for the race.  Not what I had signed up for, but it made it all that more of an experience.  The course was slick, and I kept hearing people fall behind me, but I was just that much more diligent when running.  It was fun to do the event with my husband - who had gone into training mode after I ran my first 10k last month.  I'm thankful we did the 5k vs the 10k given the conditions and my distaste for cold weather. ;)  I got my first ever running finisher's medal, and of course, my slice of pumpkin pie at the conclusion of events!

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Woo a medal!

I completely forgot to turn on MapMyRun given the 'excitement' of the snow and weather so I don't have my split time, but we finished the race in 38:57 - hand in hand through the finish line.  Nothing to really write home about, but given the conditions, I was happy with it!  My mileage for my Disney training was 3 miles, so this race was right on par for what I needed for the weekend.  

11.16.14 //  Rest Day.  The light snow that fell during the race turned into something far more considerable into Saturday night, so Sunday was a great day to lounge around and watch football with the hubs.  I'm also working on something (see: knitting) very special for my niece for Christmas, and it was a good day to work on that as well.  

Hopefully this week I can get back into the swing of things...I have 11 miles to run this weekend, and it doesn't look like I'm going to have much warmer conditions (false - it will hopefully be in the 40s. lol) so I need to get over this issue of not wanting to work out in the cold.  

How do you motivate yourself with the winter weather?

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