Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Week in Review

I didn't post this yesterday, because part of me thought maybe I just shouldn't even post this this week because last week was a major FAIL.  I feel like I've lost my mojo a bit because of the weather, and that is a bad, bad thing!  With this week being a holiday week, and I'm traveling, I hope to do my to get things back on track.

I'll keep it simple and not even both trying to make excuses...

Training Schedule (11.17.14 - 11.23.14  
11.17.14 //  Did not make it to AM Hot Yoga.  Fail.

11.18.14 //  Did not do my 30 minute Disney run.  Fail.

11.19.14 // Did not make it to AM Hot Yoga.  Fail.

11.20.14 //  Did not do my 30 minute Disney run.  Fail

11.21.14 // Rest day! lol

...actually, I was ill on Friday, so it HAD to be a rest day.  This taught me that if I'm healthy, regardless of how cold it is out, I should still get in my workout.  I prepped myself all week and was looking forward to my 11 mile Disney run on Saturday (part of the reason I ok'ed myself in missing workouts) in beautiful balmy 50 degree weather - but it came to a crashing halt since I felt nauseous at work most of the day on Friday, and eventually tossed my cookies once I got home. =(  My hubs took amazing care of me though, he's the best!

11.22.14 //  Did not do my 11 mile Disney run.  Fail.  

I don't consider this a fail like the other work outs because I WANTED to run but couldn't.  I woke up and still felt awful, and decided to spend the day vegging and working on my niece's surprise Christmas gift that I had been neglecting to work on (see: knitting).  So, at least it was productive in that regard.  It killed me that I couldn't go out and enjoy the nice weather that Colorado was providing me - but it was for my own good.  After not eating all day Friday or Saturday, I finally had real food Saturday night.

I did take a brisk walk with the hubs and Toby down to my super close and convenient knitting store so I could pick up 2 more balls of yarn to finish off my project.  I think the walk ended up being just shy of a mile, so at least I kinda enjoyed the weather (and I know Toby loved the jaunt!)

11.23.14 //  Ran 1.82 miles.  

I still wanted to take it easy today, but was feeling MUCH better.  I had a list of things to do (see: laundry, clean house for dog sitter, etc) but was getting antsy.  I decided that amongst my productivity, I would go out for a run.  The temps dropped significantly going into Sunday (which was great because the Mountains got a ton of snow and that's where we're going for Thanksgiving) but it meant running in 30 degree weather.  I still do not like running with layers or in the cold, but thought I should do it given I was missing out on my 11 mile haul.

I had hoped to do a 3 mile run BUT I wasn't even though mile 1 and felt a little queasy.  I decided to turn back around earlier than planned to head back towards home, just in case.  I normally hate completing odd mileage with a run, but in this case i just finished when I got back to our doorstep.

I ran/walked my first mile in 11:16.  Not my best by any means, but considering I hadn't worked out since the Pumpkin Pie 5k, had been sick, I was ok with it.  There is always next time!

How do you get out of a workout rut?

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