Friday, November 21, 2014

#Furry Friday

Today, I am linking to a hilarious post on BarkPost, entitled  11 Sure-Tail Signs Your Dog Is A Buttface.

While Buttface is not typically a term that I use to refer to Toby, trust me when I say many of the things mentioned in this post refer to some of our daily house banter - especially his love of ripping part his toys, and littering more than 1 room with fluff.

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This is Toby's latest victim - his fluff can currently be found on and around our bed.

 The lil pup featured is a cutie too, and even has his own Instagram account!  Maybe Toby will be that cool some day, but until then, you can find my Instagram account here

Does your doggie like ripping up their toys, or do they just enjoy playing with them "peacefully"?

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