Friday, October 31, 2014


In honor of Halloween today, I will shower you with cute Howl-o-ween pics of my lovable lil favorite furry pup, Toby.

Back in Pennsylvania, it was tradition to always attend the yearly Howl-o-ween party and parade put on by the township...which was a very valid reason to dress Toby up.  He has had a costume, or shirt, every year since his birth - with the exception of last year.  It was a very crazy fall 2014 for us, so unfortunately I never got around to getting him anything.  Oh well. ;) 
Perhaps my favorites - Peter Pan Toby!

Scarecrow Toby!

Toby walking around Peddler's Village checking out the festive Scarecrows.  

This year, Toby is going to be Winnie the Pooh - had to do Disney given the upcoming run!  Picture to come...

 We also had kids trick or treat in our building today - they were quite cute, and love our office candy variety (especially since we gave out more than 1 piece per child! lol) I am trying to do my best to avoid said candy (even though we always have it in the office) and have so far only had 1 Twix!  The Kit Kats are calling my name though.

Finally, we had a good laugh about this at work today (luckily my co-workers also own dogs, and we love to share funny stories).  Check out these crazy dog costumes -  Bark Post is seriously the best site ever for a dog person!

How are you spending your Halloween - are you allowing yourself some sweets even if you're training for an upcoming race? 

Happy Halloween!!

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