Wednesday, October 22, 2014

R is for runDisney

A big reason I wanted to start this blog was to document my running journey.  

I have ALWAYS hated running.

I blame elementary school gym class, and the mile run.  While I did some sports as a child (see: Field Hockey & Softball) I was more of the artistic type...or rather, preferred to just watch TV.  But there was just something about being required to do certain physical fitness tests that put the dread in it all.  I was never the fast kid, and figured I never would be.  I was ok with that, and enjoyed running what I could around the soccer posts on our playground, and then walking and no doubt chatting with the fellow ladies who felt my pain.  Perhaps even picking a dandelion to put behind my ear.  This pain continued through middle and high school.  I was so thankful a mile run was not part of my college curriculum requirements!

What a pretty weed of a flower.

Needless to say when my best friend brought up the idea of running a half marathon - be it in Disney - during the fall of 2013 I had to laugh it off.  Seriously?  Who does running FOR FUN!?  Kidding, I know plenty of people do, but certainly not me.  And while the thought of doing something "fun" like running a half marathon would be a great way to "run" into our 30s in 2015...I wasn't completely sold.

Fast forward to April 2014 and while we continue to chat about it, I was still on the fence.  After the race opened on April 22nd (which also just so happens to be my date of birth!) the race filled quicker than we thought and she thought it best to pull the trigger when the website wouldn't let her register (showing at ONLY 85% full) and reach out to a travel agent at 10 o'clock at night.

I received a text the next morning  (on what was a crazy busy out of the norm day at the office for me) from aforementioned best friend saying that she thinks she just signed us up for the Disney Half Marathon...

I can't make this stuff up...

And, just like that, I was running a half marathon.  Yippie!

Maybe I should mention that I JUST got married (April 5th) and I was JUST about to move across the country (May 8th) but honestly, I was truly excited.  My life was already in a whirlwind, let's keep it going and learn how to run! 

And so, once safely traveled to Denver, Colorado - my training began.  It's been slow and steady but I'm almost ready to run that race.  Which is a good thing, considering it's only a matter of time before my journey's apex...

Straight from the mouse himself...I hope to look as happy as this lady. 

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