Friday, October 24, 2014


I have had the joy (being such a huge dog lover) to have gotten to play with puppies not once, but twice at work over the last week.

Last Friday, my boss - who is fostering a Mama dog and her 3 puppies - brought her little chihuahua babies in, along with her own, allowing us the pleasure of playing with 5 doggies in the office for about an hour.

Today, a staffer from another office in our building brought in her 8 month old poodle mix pup, and I got to 'ooo' and 'aah' over her for a good 15 minutes.

It is only fitting then, that I share this wonderful post from BarkPost - as it fits me to a 'T'.  I shared it with my husband who only had to say "you're preaching the choir."


That article is nothing but #truth for me.

It is also only fitting that I share a photo of my own pride and joy, Toby.  He is my EVERYTHING, and anyone who knows me, knows this.  He is my "cuter version of Toto" and I couldn't love him any more if I tried (well maybe...). haha

Toby and I on one of our many jaunts.

I wish Toby wasn't as big a sniffer, as I don't really rely on him as a running buddy - but more of a slow, lets stop and enjoy every smell, walking buddy.

Can you take your pup out on a run with you?

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