Monday, February 9, 2015

Week In Review

HOT DOG!  Week In Review...ON TIME!  Yahoo!  Lots of fun stuff happened last week...I'm on a role!

Training Schedule (2.2.15 - 2.8.15) 
2.2.15 // Today I did the 30 Day Shred, Level 2 video. I decided to change it up each week, since I've done them all before (though it's been awhile).  Jillian kicked my booty in a short 28 minute video - and I was feeling it!  This is proving to be great 'cross training' for me, as my abs and arms definitely feel it!

2.3.15//  Rest day.  Unplanned?  haha.  Just didn't have the time.

2.4.15//  Another round of Jillian's 30 Day Shred, Level 2.  It's amazing the sweat you can work up in such a short amount of time... ;)

2.5.15// Rest day.

2.6.15//  My boss gave me the afternoon off today for all of my fab work I've been doing and coverage over the last month for a co-worker whose been out - which was GREAT timing given the super warm temps here in Denver.  The hubs also took a half day, so we decided we would go for a run once I got home.  We decided to just do a 2 mile run...which turned into a fab 1 mile run (9:48 pace baby!) and then a mostly walked 2nd mile chatting (14:57 pace, haha).  It was nice though, to get out and run the open road in February - and just to have the afternoon off spent with my hubs. =)

I also decided to return the Forerunner 15 that I had purchased just before the WDW Half Marathon, as my husband was convinced I needed a FitBit Charge HR instead.
My fancy new Fitbit Charge HR!
He had one prior to the whole issue last year, and got the newer version just after Christmas, and loves tracking everything.  I have to say, having used it for the weekend, it is pretty fab, and not as bulky as wearing that watch on a daily basis to track my steps.  I really wish it were more fashionable though - and I still really don't like sleeping with it (though the sleep stats are interesting!) but I'm definitely tracking myself more with things and starting to track what I eat - which is a little scary since I love food, haha, but it's been ok.  So far, so good!

2.7.15// As I said on Friday's post, we had plans to continue to take advantage of the super warm (see: 70 degrees!) temps, and check out a park in Boulder.  The hubs had sent me a link earlier in the week, but I didn't really look at it - he said it was dog friendly and we could bring Toby, so I was like sure!

We went to Chautauqua Park, which is located a few minutes from the popular Pearl Street in downtown Boulder.  This place was POPPING.  Now, given the beautiful weather, it was obviously easy to see why, but it was just great to see people out and about enjoying nature.  We had stopped to pick up bagels on our way up, and found a picnic bench to enjoy a yummy late breakfast and just bask in the sunshine.  We then made our way to the closest trail, which turned out to be a legit trail, as in hiking.

I have never really hiked in my life before, not that this was anything MAJOR, but it was a steep climb, involving mud and rocks - which I wasn't really mentally prepared for as I was just expecting a stroll through a park.  While I got over the sadness of getting my Mizuno's dirty ("they're shoes," my husband said, "it's fine!") There were tons and tons of people of all ages, shapes and sizes - some even sans shoes! - on the trail.  With every twist and turn, something new was discovered.  Toby was a bit unsure of things at first as he can be, I'm sure it was the even higher altitude! haha but really got into the higher we went.  

As if the mud wasn't bad enough, the trail soon became rocks, and when I say rocks, I mean legit ROCKS, like that was the trail.  My first thought was Toby, but he took to it like a champ - he is a Cairn Terrier after all, it's in his DNA!  The next thought was, holy hell how are we going to get down said rocks, but hey - that was a later problem.

The views as we continued to climb were beautiful.  We could even see Denver in the distance at one point!  We took a lot of pictures on our "good" camera - aka the Cannon DSLR that was my wedding present =) - so I only took a few phone snaps.  

Check out the rocky pup!  This wasn't even the worst of it.
A look up!
Action shot!

This picture doesn't even really do the muddyness justice, but my shoes need a bath!
Another cool thing we happened to see was a group of free climbers at one part of the trail.  These kids just started climbing vertical on the wall! I couldn't help but stare lol it was SO cool!  I don't think I could do something like that without being tethered, but it was awesome watching them.  The clouds were just moving along above them too - it was hard to capture, but it was an awesome scene.

Can you see the people making the climb?  Talk about vertical!
We ended up doing a mile up, so we had a mile back down on the same path.  Going down was so much easier (duh!) but it was treacherous going back down the one really rocky part.  There were many other dogs on the path that we encountered, including TINY dogs, to the larger types you'd expect to see hiking with their people.  We happened to encounter a tiny, tiny Pomeranian on our way down on the rock part, and I joked that if she could do it, Toby sure could!  He probably did better than I did. ;)

After our descend, we headed down to the Pearl Street to continue on our travels.  Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed on the 4 main blocks to Pearl Street.  While I noticed the sign, and mentioned it to the hubs, he said we'd continue on as we saw another dog in the distance and if we were told to leave, we would.  We were actually stopped by some nice bystanders that told us we really shouldn't be there with him, and that they do ticket if we would get caught - sooo our jaunt around Pearl Street was cut short - as we did not want a $100 ticket.  Boo.  It was definitely a cute area though, and we will be back (sans Toby) in the future.

2.8.15//  I knew that I wanted to keep up the active weekend, and we started the day on a 2 mile doggie walk with Toby around the neighborhood.  It is so nice having this weather - I can't wait for the real spring to be here and stick around...let alone summer time!

After a little breakfast fuel, I knew I wanted to go for a run.  I have yet to run on the track (we live next to a high school, so it's convenient) and the hubs wanted to run there, as it's better for his knees. So, off we went.  I have to say I enjoyed the track better than the treadmill, and could find it good for doing interval work, but I still just like running on the fee road the best. haha  I ended up running just over 2 miles, and then decided to run/walk the mile home (we drove as we had plans to go to the grocery store afterwards).  All and all it was a solid day - let alone weekend - working out.

A celebratory homemade Vanilla Chai after the active weekend. <3
Looking forward to more Jillian and runs this week!

How did you spend our weekend?  Do anything fun and exciting outside?

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