Friday, February 27, 2015

Furry Friday


White and Gold...?!
...or Black and Blue!?
Haha - gotta get the doggies in on the crazy dress action!

I have to say this has been driving me nuts since I "stumbled" upon it on my Facebook feed last night - I have to say that I've seen both, and on the same photo!  I first saw everything as white and gold, and then it all became black and blue...but I will occasionally still see the white and gold.  The hubs only sees white and gold and it's so freaky to me!!  Especially for my eyes, it can change if look away and back.

It's so funny what a tizzy the internet can throw us into!

Now a site note...

Forgive me in advance if things slow down in the next week around here.  I found out on Wednesday that my Grammy passed away at the grand old age of 95 years young.  This is my 2nd Grandparent that I'm losing, the first of which was her husband, my Pop-Pop in 2004.  So, I've been very fortunate to be able to keep my grandparents around me for a long time.
I'm heading back to Philly first thing tomorrow morning and am staying for the week.  A longer trip than originally expected, due to a variety of paperwork I will presumably need to do, due to my Dad's unexpected passing last year - thus having to do all of the legal proceedings of the Estate and things as what was to be left to him, will now be left to my brother and me. 

A really blonde me - along with my Grammy and Dad circa Christmas 2008ish I think?
It's an unfortunate thing for me, as I haven't even lived in Denver for a year, and yet 2 of my trips home will have been for funerals of 2 very important people in my life.  The silver lining is going to be spending time with family...especially my mom.

I have been working on my Disney Half Marathon recap, so perhaps given the plane rides and down time over the next week, I will actually get that more completed and perhaps posted, as it's fun to look back at that awesome experience during such a sad time to get my mind off of things.

Until next time - Love you, Grammy.

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