Monday, December 8, 2014

Week in Review x 2

Ok, so I clearly slacked on this last week. 

Another fail.  But work is a bit crazy right now...and it wasn't really post worthy. 

The only thing to note last week was my make up for the previous week of being sick, and running 11 miles. It was a weak, weak run. I was disappointed with myself and it showed me how imports the conditioning during the week is to keep your stamina up. My time was just awful considering my 9.5 mile run previously and what I was aiming for...though, to be fair (and to my failness), I basically walked the last 2 miles and just wanted to be I knew what I was in for. 

Ignore Mile 10 and 11...
This past week was much of the same in regards to a lack of conditioning, but my 12.5 mile run yesterday went great!  In basically the same amount of time I did 11 miles, I ran 12.5. Still a run/walk mix...but much more running and I didn't fully walk any of my miles. I also didn't feel any hunger pains...though was definitely ready for hydration by the time it was all over. 

I was shooting for 2:45...and while I was a tad over that was happy with my performance given the lack of running during the week and the vast improvement from the week prior.

I'm hoping to get back into hot yoga this week...but will have to change things up a bit as I'm coming into work early this week and next week. I think it's doable and given the leg pains I'm feeling today, I know my body could use it!

Only one more month until the Disney half!! Time is flying!  I'm anxiously awaiting them to release the corral information so I can see what type of a lead my 10k has given me...hopefully it will be enough for many picture stops. :)

How is your Disney training going?!

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