Friday, December 19, 2014

Furry Friday (12.19.14)

...for some reason this didn't post on the 19th so here it is a few days late!

Today I'm traveling back to Philly for Christmas!

I am SO excited to see my family - especially my Mom - mainly now that I can't just hop in a car and see them whenever I want to.

For today's Friday Furry, I'm sharing a lovely post from Bark Post regarding people being gifted a PUPPY.  The hubs currently has an IOU for me in regards to us adding a 2nd furry member to our family (finally!) so I'm hopeful that one will be joining us in 2015.

You've been PUPPIED!

...I would love to be filled receiving a surprise puppy - the joy I would exuding would be cray cray.  haha

As a note though, a puppy should never be frivolously gifted, as it is a big responsibility and life change.  More importantly, please remember to not shop, but adopt for your new 4 legged friend as there are many, many, many well deserving animals in our local shelters and rescues that would love a new home for the holidays.  No matter what size, color or breed - just check out to find your new friend. =)

I also want to give a shout out to my Dad - it's his Birthday today, and I lost him this past summer very suddenly.  It honestly still doesn't feel real, and given my distance from "home" I feel like I've been able to not have to truly face his death.  This is going to make the holidays harder this year, but I know that he's still with me, and watching over me always.  I got my love of animals from him, and I couldn't thank him more for it!

Love you Dad. <3

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