Friday, December 12, 2014

Furry Friday

Today I'm jetting off for a quickie trip to Disney, where I will be drinking around the world in Epcot tomorrow with friends and flying back home Sunday morning. 


In the meantime, please enjoy Toby's annual picture with Santa!

Every year since I've had him (7 crazy years!) we have visited at least one Santa during the Christmas season. It was originally a local pet store chain, Cutter's Mill, that did it with Polaroids - but then became Petsmart. One year I even took him to King of Prussia Mall and he got to meet a REAL Santa in a fancy mall. That is probably the best photo I have...but the tradition of going to Petsmart and getting some random guy (and one year it was a woman) dressed up like St. Nick has a certain charm to it. 

In addition, Toby always gets some new Christmas accessory to wear for the photo. This year, The hubs picked out a cute Santa harness for him. :)

Fun times in the car!

This year we went to our neighborhood Petmart here in the Denver area and they DIDN'T have a Santa!  Even though they advertised it, they only had options with a background Olaf from Frozen. Sorry, that is not my tradition!  

Luckily, we went down the road to Petco and they DID have a Santa and all was right in my Christmas tradition. I'm use to showing up at these events with lines of other customers and dogs and it's a chaotic situation. We were the only ones there, and they gave us awesome customer service to get the best pic possible (Toby was not thrilled being held by a stranger). 

Merry Christmas from Toby - 2014
I guess people here aren't as excited to have their pooches photo with Santa as they are in PA. That's ok though, tradition complete! ;)

Do you do anything fun with your pets for the holidays?

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