Thursday, December 18, 2014

Holiday Card Swap!

While I am newer to blogging, part of the reason I decided to doing was from reading other people's blogs. In preparing for my RunDisney half, I found a lot (and I know there are many more!) of people logging their training and runs all around the country. 

One of those blogs is Fairytales & Fitness.  I enjoyed their site as they share my love for Disney runs and always have a great and thoughtful blog posts that I've really enjoyed reading over the past few months.

When they posted they were doing a Holiday Card Swap, I thought that sounded like a fun holiday activity. A few weeks after signing up, I got the name of a fellow blogger, and another fellow blogger got mine. 

Coming home from Disney, I checked the mail and found a card address to me from Virginia. 

I received a very sweet card from Stacey over at Running Muffin. She wished me well in my first half next month and included my first piece of racing swag, the infamous 13.1 sticker!

Thank you so much, Stacey for the thoughtful card and inspiration for next month...I look forward to checking out your blog moving forward and wish you well in 2015!

Have you ever participated in a card swap?  

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