Monday, May 4, 2015

Week In Review

So, this has been gone for a few weeks.  A big part of that, was I got sick and for a solid week was truly out of commission in terms of working out.  I missed 2 days of work (which should of been 3...I was told to go home after an epic coughing attack), and a whole week of hot yoga (after I just freakin' resigned my membership!)  The days at the end of a cold are almost worse than when you're in the thick of it.  You don't feel like total crap BUT you're still not 100% and the constant snot running from your nose can take quite a toll on you.  

My best friend and running BFF surprised me for my birthday, and wanted to experience running at an elevation, so I decided to give running a try.  It wasn't pretty, but we made it happen - and she got to experience Colorado running.  Since then, I've eased back into hot yoga, and running as best I can.

I'm happy to report that I'm feeling like myself again, and trying to get back in the groove.  With the Dumbo Double Dare Challenge coming up in September, and Dopey coming my way in January, I have got to get these feet moving!

Training Schedule (4.27.15 - 5.3.15)  
4.27.15// I went to after work hot yoga.  I tried this the week prior to getting sick, and actually quite enjoyed it.  It helps that I don't eat a ton during the day (one reason I prefer the morning classes...) and it feels good to have that release after a day of work.

4.28.15 // Rest day.

4.29.15 // After work hot yoga.  In all honesty, I had signed up for the 5:30am class, and when my alarm went off at 5, I just couldn't do it.  haha Therefore, I promised myself to commit to the evening class...and I followed through!  I also helped put on an event for all the Staff for lunch, and had a really fun times decorating and giving out prizes.  Woo for spreading cheer!

4.30.15 // Rest day.  It was actually a crazy day of running around at work.  My office administers finals, and this was the first day of finals.  This semester I'm helping my boss start all of the classroom exams, and between just walking/running around classrooms and using the stairs as much as possible - my Fit Bit was happy! haha

5.1.15 // Rest day aka FRIIIIDAY!  It was actually a quiet day in office since there were no day finals, but I was still on my feet quite a bit getting things prepped for this week.

5.2.15 // 1 hour 20 minute hot yoga class.  It was quite comical when I arrived because my 5:30am teacher teaches the 8am on the weekends and was leaving as I was showing up for the 10am class - she wanted to know where I had been and why I wasn't at the 8am class.  Whoopsie!  She requested my presences at the 8am class on Sunday, but unfortunately I told her I couldn't since I was running at 10k.  The other comical part came when the fire alarm went off during the last 10 minutes or so of class.  While there was no fire (since they're in a strip mall type situation, I can only assume all of the stores get alerted as a precaution) my instructor joked the worst that could happen is 12 hot firemen would show up.  When leaving class there actually WERE hot firemen there (out side on the sidewalk) so it all worked out. ;)

5.3.15 //  Ran a 10k with the hubs for the Race for Open Space trail run!

I liked the cause of the race (saving land!) and we got to run through a really pretty area in which we were helping to preserve.  It was also perfect running weather, and I hope this means the cold is behind us!  I'll have more deets about this later this week, but for my husband's first 10k, he did amaaazing! =D  So proud.  I also technically PRed on my 10k time - this is only ever my 2nd 10k haha - so while it's not where I wanted to be given the recent set back of lack of training from being sick, I will still take it. haha

Since I was already sweaty and gross, I said 'why not' and went to noon hot yoga.  It was only an hour class, and since I know I won't get there today due to a crazy day of finals, it all worked out.  I have to say I was a bit of a hot mess at the beginning of class for a variety of reasons, I was glad I went.

How is the weather in your part of the woods?  We had a really nice weekend here, but have a chance of rain/storms for the rest of the week.  Summer is almost here!

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