Monday, May 11, 2015

Dumbo Double Dare Training -Week 1

Well, runDisney finally posted the Dumbo Double Dare Challenge training schedule on Tuesday - which also happened to be the first day OF training.  So gee, thanks for that...

RunDisney seems to be behind on things...not only were the training plans late (in my opinion - as an example, the WDW Half plan was posted the day we signed up last year.  Considering I registered for this in February, I'd say this was LATE.)

Another instance of this...I was SO EXCITED for the Tinkerbell Half Weekend, for the main purpose of our Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend medals being shown.  Again, as past history would show, medals have typically been released at the race prior's expo.  Guess what - NO MEDALS.  I was all over social media waiting to see someone post them, and was incredible disappointed.  Based on the training plans, people think the weekend theme will be Snow White, which makes sense, but come on runDisney...the suspense is killing me!!

ANYHOW - thus began week 1 of DDD training.  Given the last minuteness of things, along with a crazy work week, I did not do as well as I would've hoped for my first week...but I have many more weeks to improve on this.

I put in some longer hours at work this week (woo OT!) due to us administering finals.  Knowing this, I did double up on hot yoga last weekend going both Saturday and Sunday since I knew I wasn't going to make it Monday evening as I have been doing.  The good thing about work right now though, is I'm definitely getting up and moving so much more running around to start various finals, so at least I have that in my favor.

When the training plan came out on Tuesday, I was already leaving work later than expected and it didn't come out until later afternoon anyway, so I was so not prepared to be running that evening.  Instead, I chatted with my running BFF about the program finally being out and the journey we were about to go on again! 

Wednesday I did manage to make it to evening Hot Yoga - while I was fairly wiped from work, I knew I needed to go and get it done, and since it was only an hour class, I knew it was doable.

Thursday.  Oh Thursday.  Thursday we had a gun threat on campus.  That was an experience.  It was also reported in a building quite close to ours.  Long story short, nothing was found but it did cause us not only to go on a lock down for over an hour, but we also had to stop students in the middle of their finals and they had to deal with that while in the middle of an important exam.  As if law school wasn't stressful enough. haha  Again, we were glad it was nothing - it's rumored to perhaps have been a case of 'swatting' - but it was just the biggest hassle for us and the students to then have to go get them all reset and going with their exams.  I was at work late unexpected because of this, and did not get my DDD run in.

Weather is such a factor for me.  In a very unColorado like way, it was raining and miserable all week.  While I knew I had a 3 mile run on the calendar for the weekend, the weather made me want to just have couch cuddles.  And ultimately that's how things turn out.

We also got about 7ish inches of snow Saturday night into Sunday night - um hello May!? - so that was just like ugh.  Ultimately, I ran just under 3 miles on Sunday, 2.71 to be exact, due to the puddles and unmelted snow I encountered when I finally went out Sunday afternoon.

Here's hoping Week 2 will go better - luckily we have sun in the forecast all week (yay!) and finals are over on Wednesday, so my day flow will slow down quite a bit at work.   We also leave for our belated Anniversary trip next Sunday, and with some much need R&R on the horizon, I cannot be more excited!  We're both excited to train on the beach though, so that will be a part of the vacay plan!

Are you currently training for any races?

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