Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Dumbo Double Dare Training - Week 2 & Week 3

I got a little behind given my trip to Playa Mujeres last week...vacation is a glorious thing. And this was a glorious, relaxing trip. But, I can't forget about running!

Week 2 DDD training

Week 2 is under wraps as I begin working towards my 2nd Half Marathon.  With a smidge of senioritis (hellllo vacation) but being in the end of busy season at work, it made for an interesting week. 

Monday I had a full day of work capped with an evening Sumits Yoga class.  This class was taught by a new teacher (it was only her 2nd class!) and she was fantastic!  I say this as they have a handful of new teachers who just completed training - and for her 2nd ever class she was pretty on point!  I'm going to look forward to my Monday night classes with her once we return from our trip. 

Tuesday was my DDD training. Seeing as how I missed these last week it was good to get back on track. The program calls for 30-45 minute runs on Tuesday and Thursday.  Given its more a time commitment then distance, I "like" doing them on a treadmill. I say like because well...I far prefer running outside, but it gets the job done as allows me to play with intervals. 

So far, I'm seeing how I feel on the day to dictate how long to go for given the time range.  Today I went for...well I just kinda went for it lol. I kept expanding my goal as it went along so I ultimately did 3.1 miles in 42 minutes.  This is slow for me, which is a downfall of the dredmill...I just can't seem to keep my outdoor speed up on it. I'm hoping as I continue to play with the intervals I can speed up even just a tad...and hopefully just get my endurance up overall. 

Wednesday was suppose to be a hot yoga evening, but I ended up canceling as I had a rough day at work and left with a killer headache. We ended up hitting Panera for dinner and stopping at Target for last minute supplies for the trip...which I wouldn't of had time for had I gone to yoga. So, it worked out. 

Thursday I was back to the treadmill for DDD running.  Since I was fairly spent from my work week (hell we had champaign to celebrate AT work!) I figured I'd only do 30 minutes, but try to push myself. I ended up running 2 miles in 27 minutes and ultimate 2.2 miles in 30 minutes. I'm trying to stick with a 4.5 speed, with some punches up to 5mph and an occasional slow down to 3.5mph. Hopefully this will all increase in the coming weeks, but I think I'm doing better now than last fall in training for the WDW Half. 

Friday, I rested. :)  

Saturday I had to get organized and packed for Mexico. I also had a 4 mile run on the calender for DDD training. So I had to get it in!  Before heading out for a relaxing mani/pedi I hit the road for my miles. It went well, I averaged a 12:20 mile and completed my first mile in just under 10 minutes (9:57). With that I was showered and was on my way to running around finishing my errands. 

Sunday, travel day!

Week 3 DDD Training 

Obviously this was vacay week, but we packed our sneaks and had exercising intentions. 

Monday, our first full day, was beach and spa day.  Relaxation baby!

Tuesday, I wanted to get in my DDD training.  After speaking to a few employees we found if we went out to the front we could head out on the road for a variety of low mileage runs. We opted to just do a mile out and back...I should note we ran around 11:30am. We enjoyed our lazy mornings in bed. So, not only were we dealing with high sun and 85ish degree weather but there was humidity.  It was hot. It was like running in hot yoga class.  While a tad struggle (including eating a bug that I hacked up) I averaged an 11:36 mile...so I shaved almost a minute off from my 4 mile run. The amazingness that is running at sea level even in not the best conditions.

Wednesday was a pool day.  They had Princesses come to the pool, aka knockoff Jasmine, Ariel & Cinderella, lol it was cool and I had to get a pic. We were planning to do a bike ride around the property, but didn't end up making it. Relaxation. Haha

Thursday I didn't get my DDD run in since we went to Chitchen Itza aka Mayan ruins. It was an incredible experience (we also got to swim in a sinkhole!) but was literally a 7am to 8pm trip. Long day, but well worth it!

Friday was another pool day.  It was our last full day and we had to make the most of it!

Saturday morning was spent at the beach since checkout wasn't until noon. Again we made the most of it!  Then...it was off to the airport. :( But, I got home to my Toby. :)

Sunday I wanted to get in my DDD 5 mile run, but I didn't make it. My brain was partially still on vacay mode and half on get reorganized mode and the weather is still not the best here so unfortunately I didn't make it out.

With our anniversary vacation trip out of the way, my next trip is to Disneyland for Dumbo i have no reason to not really focus with these runs and get back on track!

Do you workout when you go on vacation?

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