Monday, January 26, 2015

Week in Review

Ok sooo I need to get back into my weekly roundups of work that the hubs is all about getting fit for himself (hello 2015!) it's a little easier for me. 

Last week I did 2 days of the 10 minute trainer workout program, something that's husband has and wanted to get back into. We ended up doing 2 different videos so it was roughly half an hour each day with the warm up and cool down.

All in all, I think it's a good series and is a quick way to get the job done, so that was a plus. It also reminded me of when I did Jillian Michael's 30 day shred last fall and what a great series THAT is. So, that will probably be coming back into the mix. 

I also retuned, for one night, to the gym to run on my beloved treadmill. :P It was....rough. Haha I just decided to take it easy in walking a quicker pace and running. I did just over 2 miles in about 35 minutes so it was something. 

Now that I'm a Coloradian, it was a warm weekend in the 60s (today was even warmer!  Too bad for working inside...) so I knew I wanted to do something outdoorsy.  My thoughts are with those back on the East Coast though...I'll be missing out on that snow day tomorrow!

Yesterday we took Toby out for a nice stroll and got to get him off leash and play some fetch at the field at the high school by out place. After some running fun, we walked to Petco to try out their self serve bathing station - that was an experience for ALL of us. Haha

Toby was not the biggest fan (I'm use to bathing him inbetween grooming appointments in a jacuzzi tub so this was very new!) but we made the best of it and he was showered in treats once he survived.  We then walked back home, so we had a nice active Sunday morning. 

With the hubs traveling the beginning of this week I plan to stick with it and stay active!

How have your 2015 active plans been going?

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