Friday, January 16, 2015

Furry Friday

It's award season people!  Flying home from Disney Sunday night, I was lucky enough to be flying SouthWest, who just so happens to provide it's flyers FREE TV.  When I tell you that was the best flight I've had in a long time, I MEAN IT.  (I also sat next to a Goofy runner, who knew people I was hanging out with in Disney, as he use to work for Disney himself - it really is a small world out there!)

The flight attended was pleased that I was in his section, and on the aisle, so he could also partake in watching the Golden Globes on my iPad (so much so...he told me I could have whatever I wanted - including alcohol.)  So, I helped myself to a white wine, and enjoyed a quick journey back to Denver while watching a lovely award show, and sharing updates with my new BFF flight attendant.

Tina, Amy, wine and some laughs!
BUT - what if your dog could win an award?  I think Toby would win the Quirky Award, because he has a ton of them!  But also, I think he'd get Best Cuddler, because he is my favorite cuddle buddy.

My cuddle bug on Monday as I recovered from my Disney fun.
Maybe your pooch is even lucky enough to be apart of these Awards, The World Dog Awards, as featured by BarkPost, they would get a pretty cool golden hydrant if they won their category!  

Image via Knox News

While this would look pretty sweet on my mantle, I think I will just enjoy the glow of my Disney Half Marathon from last weekend - it still just makes me smile when I look at it!  It's hard to believe this time last week, I was resting up for the big day! 2015, how are you already flying by already!?

What award would you give your pup top prize for?

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